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Ruilin makes donation to contribute to overcoming poverty of Xiying Village

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On Jan. 19, organized by the economic science commission, our company and 11 enterprises of the county went to Xiying Village to help solve problems on overcoming difficulties and made donations. Responsible person of the county economic science commission and of Xiying Village, Wenquan Town took part in the donation forum. Han Zhongyuan, our chief executive officer participated in this activity on behalf of our company. 
During the donation ceremony, responsible person of Xiying Village introduced the situation of Xiying Village to the enterprises and reported the working result of Xiying Village concerning solving the problem on overcoming poverty and the working plan of the next step. After that,  Anhui Ruilin Jingke Co., Ltd., Anhui Qingsong Tool Co., Ltd., Anhui Lanrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Huiyinbi Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Anhui Mingwei Lighting Fixture Co., Ltd., Anhui Yuesu Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., Anqing Kerui Industrial Co., Ltd., Anhui Huazhihui Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., Anhui Xunqi Storage Battery Co., Ltd., Anhui Swan Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., Anhui Jiangshan Machinery and other enterprises donated a total fund of 102000 Yuan. 
Entrepreneurs making the donation indicated that repaying the society and showing care and love to the society are the bounden duty of enterprises. In their future development, they would unswervingly pay attention to solving problem on overcoming difficulties by Xiying Village. 
The donation hereof will be mainly used for support of improving the infrastructure and industrial development of Xiying Village. Related responsible person of Wenquan Town and Xiying Village remarked that they would strengthen management of the donated fund and definitely apply the donation to the work on overcoming poverty.  
(based on data of Xuexi News Network)