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Build a hundred year enterprise  To achieve sustainable management




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No. 008 Hewan Road, Yuexi Economic Development Zone, Anhui

Specializing in the precision casting and precision processing of non-ferrous metal auto parts, it is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.


The goal of personnel development of Ruilin Jingke is to build a high-quality team with strong competitiveness and recognition. Based on the annual employee dialogue and focusing on improving the comprehensive ability of employees at all levels in the system department, we have planned detailed skills and salary development paths for our employees. We hope not only to improve the existing skills of employees, but also to help them achieve long-term career development.

Both ability and integrity, promotion and reuse; virtue and talent; training and use. Internal priority, open competition, select the best admission to determine the person by post, match the person with the post, put the right person in the right place.

Human concept

Our company has a good teaching atmosphere and focuses on building and enhancing the skills of all professional families. Through close cooperation, the company's technical experts and personnel development experts formulate advanced and up-to-date training concepts to ensure the long-term development of the system's employee capabilities. We encourage our technical experts to share their knowledge and skills through expert Week activities.

Talent strategy

Industry technology training


Ruilin Vocational Training School in Yuexi County, under the guidance of the County Finance Bureau and the county human resources and social security bureau, in line with the concept of serving enterprises and improving people's livelihood, proceeds from the needs of enterprises, carefully plans, carefully organizes and effectively improves the employee's employment skills.

In addition to a complete salary system, our company also has a modern workshop, the world's leading machinery manufacturing technology, and provides employees with a safe, clean and comfortable working environment.

Comfortable working


Internationalized team

Our employees have professional and technical capabilities, adhering to the concept of globalization and diversification of work, the company also provides international exchange projects for employees to help increase international experience, enhance their own capabilities, and enhance the links between companies.