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Specializing in the precision casting and precision processing of non-ferrous metal auto parts, it is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.

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Chairman Jiang Aimin takes part in the 2017 Jianghuai motor Yuexi annual docking Conference

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On February 7, 2017, the annual docking meeting of Jianghuai Automobile Yuexi was held in Anqing Branch of Jianghuai Automobile New Energy Passenger Vehicle Company. Anjin, chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangqi Group Holding Company, Xiang Xingchu, general manager of Jiangqi Group, Zhou Dongming, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and the County Committee, and Li Changqun, Wang Zhangping, Lu Hong and Dong Wei, county leaders attended the docking meeting. The head of Jiang Auto Group's related branch company and business manager, the head of County Development Zone and economic and technological commission, as well as the head of Yue Plastic Co., Ltd., Ruilin Jingke, Qingsong Tool, Jiangshan Machinery and other nine County auto parts enterprises attended the docking meeting. The director of our company, Changjiang Aimin, attended the docking meeting and participated in the exchange.
At the meeting, Dong Wei, deputy county governor, introduced the county's economic and social development and poverty alleviation work in the past year, as well as the development of the county's auto parts industry with the strong support of Jiangqi; Xiang Xingchu introduced the current development and operation of Jiangqi Group and its next plan and arrangement; Chu Chenggang, president of Yuexi Auto Parts Association, represented Yuexi. Auto parts enterprises speak; participants will introduce and exchange with Jianghuai Automobile cooperation.
Zhou Dongming, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the County Party Committee, represents the four groups of the county, the County auto parts enterprises and the 400,000 people of the county's old districts. He warmly congratulates Jiangqi Group on its great achievements in 2017 and sincerely thanks Jiangqi Group for helping the development of Yuexi in the past 20 years. He pointed out that Jiang Auto Group has always insisted on forgetting its original intention, and has been looking at the old Yuexi District for a long time, showing great love and concern. In the process of helping Yuexi, Jiang Automobile Group has provided a lot of support for the development of Yuexi auto parts industry. It has constantly innovated the industrial poverty alleviation practices, stimulated the endogenous power of enterprise development, and significantly improved the enterprise's "hematopoietic" function. Yuexi Jianghuai Auto Matching Enterprises should continue to train hard in internal skills, improve their own development capacity, implement relevant requirements, and ensure the quality of products. While the enterprises continue to grow, they will help Jianghuai Auto develop better and faster. We also wish Jianghuai Automobile Group more fruitful results in the new year.
Chairman Anjin expressed his heartfelt thanks to the four teams in Yuexi County and the supporting enterprises in Yuexi for their long-term support to Jiangqi Group. He said that Jiangqi Group has not forgotten its initial intention and earnestly implemented the important decision-making and deployment on precise poverty alleviation and precise poverty alleviation. Together with Yuexi County, it has set its goals and worked hard to meet the important instructions of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the provincial government of the Provincial Party Committee, as well as the ardent expectations of the people of Yuexi County. Anjin pointed out that Jiangzhou Automobile Group is currently in the period of transformation, upgrading and adjustment. Enterprises firmly grasp the general tone of steady progress, strive to promote enterprise transformation, upgrading and structural adjustment, adhere to the strategic orientation and unshakable, carry out the requirements of "six modernizations" in depth, and accumulate the stamina of healthy and sustainable development of enterprises. It is hoped that Jiang Auto Group's supporting enterprises will continuously improve their management and R&D level, strengthen their confidence, enhance their specialization and innovation capabilities, work hard in R&D to create superior and distinctive products, so as to enhance product added value and market competitiveness, strive for cooperation in more fields, and win the battle for the old areas and overcome poverty. Make more and greater contributions.